Why you should not ignore after play sessions?

Talking about sex, every person know that it all begins with touching each other, feeling each other, caressing and kissing each other, which is often termed as foreplay and then it comes to intercourse where penis enters vagina and finishes with both Cumming in the end. Although, no one care about activities which should be carried after having sexual encounter. These post sex activities are termed as after play which is carried on after having sex, which is observed by our Lucknow escorts in order to give their client that intimate affection even after their course of action.


Light a cigarette, clean up the mess caused after orgasm, sleep over or cuddle with partner after sex, this is what men do after doing sexual intercourse with their partner. However, they lack the understanding that even after play can be equally delightful and enthusiastic as foreplay is and tenderness can be continued even after orgasm. But, why people are not aware about this closing ceremony of sex is because not much has been written about this part of sex, although, we will share some thoughts on foreplay for you.


Process of after play varies from couple to couple. Some like to fondle with each other and some like to give massage, in order to get ready for another shot and some of the couples coddle in sexy talks as well to make the senses arouse so that they can go for another shot with their partner. Since these actions can spark up the senses which can lead to more than one intercourse at the same time, this foreplay should not be underestimated since this can bring up that most needed change in your routine life.


There is a quote from famous Kama Sutra that if couple indulges in after play embracing each other after making love; this can cause a great increase in level of their confidence along with pleasure. Couples should try to involve all those activities which marked the beginning of their sexual act or which was the reason of their intimacy. It could be a romantic dinner, ending with another supper or it can be bath together, which can again end up taking shower together and cleaning each other or it could be any think that initiated love making and can end up with the same reason. There is no fixed procedure that needs to be followed by doing after play. It’s all about couple’s imagination and innovation, that can make after sex activities grow their bond stronger.


All young girls from brothels in Lucknow also know the importance of after play in their session and they always make sure that session should not end up just as the matter of client and service provider. It is not necessary that every intimate session is the best one and when one realizes the same, after intercourse is the time when partners are more susceptible to those feelings and can make them feel low on confidence. Here active after play plays a crucial role in making the other partner feel reassured about their existence and importance in their life.