Sex, with or without condom!

When you ask anyone as to what is the only thing that can give them a peace of mind and ultimate relaxation, you would not get answers involving love or money or respectable position in society. The ultimate answer to this question is sex. Yes sex. Sex is something which everyone loves to do, whether a person is straight or bi-sexual, everyone loves to go through this sweet pain. It does not involve your complete participation. You can always act as a submissive and let your dominant control everything and take you to the extremes of best feeling in the world.


Considering independent escorts in Lucknow, even they love to have sex with their clients, not just because this is a part of their business, but mainly because they love what they do. And yes, we cannot ignore healthy aspect of having sex which includes burning of fat, making your mind and soul stress free and even a great impact towards improving your immunity. Sex has always been considered to be the best exercise when you are in strain and this will certainly give you that eventual feeling of relaxation. But, today we are not discussing about benefits of having sex, today we are looking at the role and thoughts of people in using condoms.


We all know that when two people are in a committed relation they do not feel the need of using a condom, since it might ruin the experience. Although, what people don’t know is that using a condom can give them the freedom of enjoying the act to the fullest. Suppose you meet someone at your friend’s party and things go in your favour and you are about to have sex with that girl but you don’t have condom, the very first thing that can ruin your evening is the thought of consequences after having sex with that girl. Your mind will be full of brain storming activities and you will not be able to make the most of the moment.


Whereas if you would have a condom in this situation, your mind would be calm and will inject you with hormones which can enhance the experience rather than thinking about her being pregnant or other negative consequences, especially when the situation is of a one night stand or an evening with one of the Lucknow escorts. Another aspect which can increase the experience is using the right kind of condom. Yes, we are aware that not everyone has used every condom in the market, but what we can suggest is using the thinnest available condom in the market.


This will reduce the presence of condom while inserting penis in her vagina and will also give her the real pleasure of feeling the penis without a condom. Also, this will count towards the security of both people. Another routine which an escort adds up while using a condom is the act of putting on the condom. They are innovative enough to make sure that putting on the condom is not just a task which can count for an interval in the session, but it is one of the moments which can make you go through a gush of sensual feelings.


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