Is fidelity a real world word?

There was an era when love meant to be pure, ethical and selfless. People use to love someone from all their heart and wanted to spend rest of their life with the person whom they love, and some of the times that happened as a result of first sight love. However, with modernization, meaning of love has changed and today when we talk about being in love, talk about love marriages, then why is it that people are bound to love only one person? Why have we made a mind-set that monogamous relations should only be allowed in the society?


All this has changed with the globalization and the fact that people have changing desires these days. Marriage used to be an institution of trust, faithfulness and a bond which can keep the family together for a long time, though, with the changing time, this institute has started to fade away, especially in Western world. Why is it that even when men love their wives, they tend to practice escort services in Lucknow? Many independent escorts in Lucknow have also witnessed clients who still love their spouse, but now the relation lacks intimacy.


Relations having no intimacy, particularly between husband and wife, often results in cheating with the partner, lying to them and also make a man self-centred who just want to have sex, since this is how they are made. So, is it right to blame men for all these activities or even women for a fact? Do you really think that it is fair enough to be in a relation who desires intimacy but does not get it? Looking at the number of divorce cases prevailing in today’s world, it is the time when we start looking and analysing our relationships. Although, couples, rather than going through all the pain of separation proceedings they prefer to break the monogamy of the society which results in infidelity.


We may, for some time, can keep the aspect of love marriage on back burner but what about arrange marriages? Yes, it holds utmost importance in other cultures, but what if we talk about it in reference to Western world? Often these marriages, where two people are bound to satisfy each other in every manner, has frequently resulted in lying, cheating and being hypocrite and all this happens only because of one reason. The reason is expectations and responsibilities; expectation of leading a faithful life with a person whom you barely know and responsibility of being in a monogamous relation which needs to be lived for a lifetime.


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Call girls in Lucknow have been with many clients who are married but are not physical satisfied with their partners. This has nothing to do with different postures or wife saying no for any particular act, this is all about losing interest in the relation and also considering sex just a duty rather than a right. Sex has always done magic for couples who were on the verge of break-up, since it not only satisfy you physically but also has a great impact on your mental intellect and gives you a sense of completeness.


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