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Submissive! Is that title for me?

Most of you would have seen a popular sex movie of a book trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey, titled with the same name. This movie has brought up two much related terms related to sex role of a person, i.e. dominant and submissive. Female lead of the movie was taught to be a professional submissive, however, she was not confident enough whether she could be a successful submissive or not, but by the end she was able to be learn it. But, if we talk about real life, how many people, irrespective of their gender, know what exactly they are,...

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Is fidelity a real world word?

There was an era when love meant to be pure, ethical and selfless. People use to love someone from all their heart and wanted to spend rest of their life with the person whom they love, and some of the times that happened as a result of first sight love. However, with modernization, meaning of love has changed and today when we talk about being in love, talk about love marriages, then why is it that people are bound to love only one person? Why have we made a mind-set that monogamous relations should only be allowed in the society?

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